# Frequently Asked Questions

# General

# About Enecuum

# What is Enecuum?

Enecuum is a blockchain mobile network for decentralized applications. It was created as a decentralized ecosystem to be able to bring the blockchain and cryptocurrencies to the real mainstream, involving a crowd with regular mobile and desktop devices into the blockchain network. Enecuum allows each smartphone owner to be a part of our global network.

# What consensus algorithms does Enecuum use?

In Enecuum, the consensus is achieved through interaction between the following three mining algorithms: Proof-of-Work (“PoW”), Proof-of-Activity (“PoA”) and Proof-of-Stake (“PoS”). This combination makes it possible to achieve a high degree of network decentralization, while significantly increasing both the network security level and its speed.

To find out more, please read our Tech paper.

# What is PoA?

PoA publishers are involved in the microblock publishing process. Microblocks contain transactions. PoA validates PoSLeader.

To find out more, please read our Tech paper.

# Can I be a PoW or PoS miner?

Currently, BIT network with non-tradable tokens is used for testing the team's PoW and PoS. Please read the tutorial on How to Mine BIT to find out more. ENQ PoW and PoS mining will be released after the tests are done.

# What can the Enecuum App do?

The main purpose of the app is PoA mining. You can also see the blockchain explorer, send transactions and use ROI calculator, but these features are not limited to the app and they are available on our website.

# Do you have an Airdrop?

Media activity stage of Airdrop is over now. Mining stage of Airdrop is active. You can gain tokens from mining in the testnet. Swap and sell at cryptoexchange.

# What is Enecuum's circulating supply?

126,880,563.75 ENQ.

Equals to Total Supply in Etherscan. Details here.

# What is Enecuum's max supply?

The upper limit of all ENQ in the system is proposed to be 845,870,425 ENQ. Details here.

# How can I receive news about Enecuum?

The main platforms for updates are our Telegram news channel and Telegram discussion group.

# Getting Started

# What are the requirements for running the App?

All you need is a smartphone with an Android 4.4 or higher.

# How do I earn/mine?

To mine, you need a minimum stake of 25 ENQ (check How to buy on exchange guide). Once you have it, all you need to do is press "Start activity" button in the app. Remember that the higher the stake (balance), the bigger the reward.

# How do I stake?

The balance is counted as a stake automatically at the time of the microblock publication. You do not need to freeze/lock coins to stake. So, all you need to do to stake is press "Start activity".

You can check the reward for staking in the ROI calculator in the app or on our website. To receive the full day reward listed in the calculator, you need to mine for 24 hours. If you are mining with breaks or with a weak internet connection, you will not get the full reward.

# What are the private key and the address?

The address is used as an identification of your wallet, and the private key is used to access it. You can think of the address as an e-mail and the key as a password. Be careful: if you lose your private key, you won't be able to access your wallet, so please, do a back-up copy.

# What is the block reward?

Generally, a block reward refers to the coins you get as a reward for contributing to the network for each successfully mined block. As a PoA miner, you are awarded with ENQ by our blockchain network for participating in the microblock publishing process.

# Is Enecuum app available for iOS?

Wallet App is available for iOS.

# Why is Enecuum App not present in Google Play Store?

Google Play has restrictions on phone mining. Since PoA is not a cloud mining, formally, it is forbidden. But PoA does not do Proof of Work mining so we can possibly avoid this restriction. But we want to tune the system first and gather enough statistics about power and network load to prove that PoA mining is not PoW.

# Running the App

# Can I run the app in the background?

Yes, the app was designed for that. But check Android settings and permissions for background activity. It may restrict Enecuum App by default.

# Can I use one private key on multiple devices?

You can import one account on several phones to send transactions or view balance, but only one device at a time will be able to mine.

# Can I run multiple instances of the App on one device?

You can use Spaces/Parallels apps to run several instances of Enecuum app. But this will increase network and battery load. It is better to run with a powerful phone and good internet connection.

# Is there a list of top wallets?


# How can I determine that my device is online?

There are several options available to see your device status:

  1. Use our official Telegram bot to receive notifications about your nodes' status change (online/offline) and your daily rewards. Multiple devices monitoring is available.
  2. Another option is to input your address in masternodes.online search field. Be aware that the node's status change is displayed with a significant delay in comparison to Enecuum's Telegram bot.
  3. You can check the map or see recent blocks in the Blockchain Explorer. Try searching your address in the Explorer (on the top right of the page) and see if you published any microblocks.
  4. You can also check our API which lists all the active nodes in Enecuum blockchain. Search for your address using Ctrl+F.

# Does the performance of the phone affect the productivity of the node?

This is not a Proof of Work, no hash guessing by phones. Phones do cryptographic tasks of validating PoS leader and signing microblocks. It does not require heavy computation. So different phones will do this in a different time, but this difference is much less than the time between k-blocks that determine microblock publication window.

You can get more details from our Tech paper.

# What is the difficulty right now?

There is no PoW mining on phones, so no difficulty. But the PoA macroblock reward is split between all phone miners that published microblocks in the macroblock.

So indeed, the more miners the less reward for each one.

# Can I use a rooted or emulated device for mining?

Yes, you can. Currently, we do not have any restrictions on this.

# Mining Rewards

# How are PoA miner rewards calculated?

Macroblock reward is fixed. Macroblock contains one k-block and arbitrary number of microblocks. K-blocks are created by PoW nodes (1 k-block per 15 seconds on average). Microblocks are created by PoA nodes. 86% of macroblock reward is shared between all PoA publishers (or "miners"). For each published microblock the reward is shared in proportion to the publisher balance. Referral rewards are not included here and have separate budget as stated in the Emission Model.

# Why do rewards differ?

The reward is divided between the miners in proportion to the balance of PoA nodes within one macroblock. Thus, the reward depends on the number of macroblock neighbors the miner has and their ENQ balance. Neighbors are determined randomly. In rare cases, when the publication time between k-blocks is less than a second, the PoA miner may not have enough time to publish the signed microblock. In this case, the microblock won't be added to the blockchain, therefore the PoA miner won't receive the reward for it.

To learn more about the distribution of ENQ mining rewards, refer to the corresponding article.

# Will the mainnet mining be slower than testnet mining?

In terms of block frequency, it is an open question; in terms of the block reward, it will be higher in the mainnet.

# How does ROI calculation work?

It is based on the last 24h mining history. We replay this history assuming there was 1 more miner online for 24h with the specified stake.

# What happens when the account balance exceeds max PoA stake?

The amount above max stake is ignored for staking rewards. The balance above the max stake will be counted as max stake when the rewards are calculated. You can send exceeding coins to a new address and start a second miner with these coins.

# Does the amount of staked ENQ affect the mining speed?

It affects microblock reward amount but doesn't affect the number of blocks you mine. So, the higher the stake, the more you receive.

# Buying & Swapping

# Where do I buy ENQ?

You can buy ENQ on the available exchanges using our guide.

# Can I buy ENQ with a bank card?

ENQ test coin, backed by ERC-20 token is no longer sold by Suex. Pay bу card service will return with native coins distribution.

# How do I swap?

In a nutshell, to swap ERC-20 tokens you just bought to testnet ENQ coins which will be used in the app, you need to install MetaMask, import your ETH account there, log in to wallet.enecuum.com and select the amount you need to swap.

In order to swap testnet ENQ to ERC-20 tokens, you need to log in to wallet.enecuum.com, enter the amount and the ETH address.

For detailed instructions, please read our guide.

# Why do I need to swap?

You can't trade testnet ENQ coins. A swap is needed to convert them into tradable tokens and sell them on the exchange.

This works in the opposite direction; in order to stake/mine, you need testnet ENQ, not a tradable ERC-20 token.

# How much time does the swap take?

It should take just a few minutes. If the process takes too long, contact the support.

# Can I use something beside MetaMask to swap?

You can use Trust Wallet, but other wallets have not been tested properly.

# Can I speed up a swap transaction in Metamask?

Yes, you can. It is safe to use “speed up” button in Metamask.

# Are there any transaction/swap fees?

Zero fees now in our testnet. Standard gas fee in Ethereum.

# Can I swap ENQ coin to ERC-20 address wallet of exchange?

Technically you can. In theory, exchanges can have some rules against it, but as far as we know they don't. Confirmed for Graviex and Crex24.

The opposite direction is not currently available.

# How do I manage my ENQ assets?

In wallet.enecuum.com you can manage only native coin. As for ERC-20 ENQ — you should keep it in some Ethereum wallet. We recommend MetaMask for web wallet and Trust Wallet for a mobile wallet.

# Referral Program

# Can I be both an agent and a referral?

Yes, you can.

# How many agents and referrals can I have?

You can have one agent and as many referrals as you can get.

# How do I change the referral code I entered?

Please back up a copy of your private key and reinstall the app. It is more reliable if you clear app's cache and storage in your phone's settings before uninstalling. You can enter a new referral code when you import your wallet.

# How do I check who is my referrer?

You can check your referrer in the Blockchain Explorer. Enter your wallet address (public key) in the search field on the top right of the page. Click the hash that has "refreward" description. You will see your address in the "publisher" field and your referrer's address in the corresponding field.

# Troubleshooting

# Running the App

# The app won't install

  • Make sure you have Android 4.4 or higher.

  • If you are updating the app, check that its version is above the one you already have.

# The app won't launch

  • Reinstall the app.

# The app is crashing/stopping

  • Make sure you have Android 4.4 or higher.

  • The servers might be under maintenance.

# Mining

# It's not mining

  • If you are mining on multiple devices, check that they are using different wallet addresses.
  • If you have battery saving apps, try disabling them or adding Enecuum app to the exceptions.
  • Check your phone settings and enable background data.

# The app keeps showing "Connecting"

  • If you are mining on multiple devices, check that they are using different wallet addresses.
  • The servers might be under maintenance.

# Mining is too slow/The reward is too little/My wife earns more than I do

  • Background activity may be restricted by default. Check Android settings. Try to mine with always on screen and with locked screen. Compare your microblock rewards at Blockchain Explorer.
  • Weak Internet connection is the second most common problem.

# ROI calculator is incorrect

  • Make sure you are mining for the whole day without any breaks, that way you will receive the full reward.

# No referral reward

  • As a referral: search for you address (public key) history in the Blockchain Explorer. Click on the microblock hash and make sure that you have a referrer (agent) listed in the "referrer" field. If you don't, back up your private key, reinstall the app, import your private key and enter the referral code again.
  • As an agent: search for your referral's address (public key) in the Blockchain Explorer. Click on the microblock hash and make sure it is your address that is listed in the "referrer" field. If that is correct, check that your referral is actually mining.

# Buying & Swapping

# The exchange keeps canceling the withdrawal

  • Check that you are entering a correct Ethereum address, not an Enecuum address.
  • Please read our guide on How to withdraw funds.

# I transferred ENQ from the exchange straight to the app, skipping the swapping process

  • Your tokens could not be transferred to Enecuum network address, so they are still at the exchange. You can try to withdraw it again to a new correct Ethereum address.
  • If your exchange balance is lowered, then please contact the support of the exchange.

# I transferred my ENQ to smart contract instead of Crex24

  • There is no way to get tokens from the smart contact address. Unfortunately you have lost your tokens.

# The swap takes too long/The swap is stuck in pending

  • Ethereum transaction stuck in pending can be caused by an increase in the gas price in Ethereum (https://ethgasstation.info/). Please be patient.
  • If you don’t see corresponding transaction (TX hash field is empty but status is approved) in history for 15 minutes, please contact support.
  • If you had edited the transaction (e.g. changed the gas fee), you might have erased transaction's DATA field. We will need to process your swap manually, and in order to do so, you'll need to provide a proof that the transaction is yours. Please sign your transaction and contact the support.

# I don't see my tokens in MetaMask

  • Import ENQ (ERC-20) token into Metamask using 0x16ea01acb4b0bca2000ee5473348b6937ee6f72f token address.
  • If you are still having issues, you can read our guide or watch a video tutorial.

# Support

If you can't find your issue or the solution doesn't work for you, please report it to our Telegram group.