# How to Join the Referral Program

# About the Referral Program

The referral program is dedicated to allowing the Network to attract more participants and let them earn more ENQ coins. In Enecuum referral program, there are two sides - agents and referrals.

Agents are Enecuum app users who share their referral code with others and invite newbies to the board. Referrals are those who were invited to use ENQ and entered the code they received.

As a referral, you can have only one agent. As an agent, you can have as many referral as you can get. You can be both an agent and a referral.

# What do both sides get from using the referral program?

Everyone benefits from this kind of cooperation - both sides get 10% increased rewards.

# How to Join

# As an agent

  1. Check if you have 1 000 ENQs on your balance. This is the only term for agents to follow. If you don’t have enough coins, you can buy them on exchange.
  2. Open the Enecuum application. You will see the icon of a QR code on the home screen. You can use it to share the code with your friend by sending it to any social network or by scanning it with another phone.
  3. Wait till your friend enters your code in their application and you will get 10% from your referral’s mined amount!

# As a referral

  1. Get a referral code from your friend. Go to the app account creation/import and enter the code you received. The "Skip" button should change to "Next". Tap it to continue. If your account is already imported, reinstall the app to get to the account creation/import screen.
  2. Enjoy mining and get +10% of what you have managed to mine!

# Help

Please check Referral Program part of the FAQ if you have any questions.